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 A Captivate Marketing Expert will  research the partnership opportunity and present to you a proposal that will be a profitable opportunity for you on a pay per sale NOT per lead or monthly basis!
 Captivate will set up your marketing and lead generation campaign  and you will pay a percentage of closed sales only, we will increase your advertising when we are paid a commission!

Looking for Flooring lead generations?

 PAY PER SALE NOT PER Flooring LEAD OR MONTHLY FOR Flooring lead generations

Why pay for Flooring lead generations if you receive no results?  Icon's Pay Per Sale lead generation program is the 1st and largest Pay per sale program for Flooring professionals available.


Icon has been helping Flooring customers throughout the US achieve Flooring lead generations success through online marketing for over ten years. Our Flooring lead generations expertise coupled with our business clients’ knowledge and excellent customer service has yielded enormous growth for our Flooring clients as well as for us.



We only get paid if you do! All Icon Leads are 100% free and exclusive!
  • 100% Risk Free
  • Pay only for paid sales/jobs
  • Gain free Flooring lead generations
  • No competition, Icon only accepts one customer per area
  • Build a career long relationship with a trusted marketing partner
  • Increased marketing based on your performance with our supplied leads

 Icon pay s for all Flooring lead generations and we charge you a small commission on each job or sale you complete from our free Flooring lead generations


Icon Currently works with over 6,000 Flooring professionals in the US and Canada.



Icon has Partnered with the following marketing partners to provide Flooring professionals with free Flooring lead generations.




Icon will look at your Flooring lead generations conversion ratios on a monthly basis.  Every time you make a Flooring sale, Icon will reinvest a portion of our commission in raising your Flooring advertising.  This creates the opportunity for exponential growth.  On the opposite end, poor sales ratios may lead to Icon terminating the partnership.  In this case, we will return your deposit so there is no risk to you.