Fill out our Pay Per Sale proposal request form and let us know about your Business and Marketing goals!


 A Captivate Marketing Expert will  research the partnership opportunity and present to you a proposal that will be a profitable opportunity for you on a pay per sale NOT per lead or monthly basis!
 Captivate will set up your marketing and lead generation campaign  and you will pay a percentage of closed sales only, we will increase your advertising when we are paid a commission!

Unfortunately No. Captivate's Pay per sale program is a partnership between Captive and your business.  The Pay per sale program is not a pre-paid service.  Captive invests time and money advertising your business,  we will only move forward if we believe it will be profitable for your business and ours.  Our decision will be based on several factors including the demand for your product or service, the size of your service area, and your average sale amount.  In addition, you must have adequate customer service and lead response capabilities.

Captive will consider working with local services who will travel to a potential customers home or business including but not limited to Contractors, Locksmiths, Appliance repair, home care, Home Security, Landscapers, etc.  We do not work with retail stores.


Captive will look at your conversion ratios on a monthly basis.  Every time you make a sale, Captive will reinvest a portion of our commission in raising your advertising.  This creates the opportunity for exponential growth.  On the opposite end, poor sales ratios may lead to Captive terminating the partnership.