We receive on average 100 to 140 calls per month.  We have no advertising budget to set aside, we do not pay for calls or an advertising flat fee.  Our consultant works with us on a weekly basis to improve our conversions.  This is by far the best business model I have seen yet.  They only make money when we do and have the sme motivation as us.  TO SUCCEED!  Honestly you cannot go wrong with this type of lead generation!  I have no problem if anyone wants to contact me for a reference, these guys do the right thing by us.

Al Cagiano

ATC Express Trucking

Ronkonkoma NY



 I used to pay $1800 per month for SEO and website advertising and only get 20 or 30 calls.  Since I signed up here I am getting over 90 calls every month and have since dropped all my old online advertising guys.  When business is good the calls increase and when the market slows I only pay a percent of what I earned so the costs go up or down according to results.  A no lose situation.  I have since referred 2 family memebers and a friend.


Sean H

Advanced Global inc

Bohemia NY



Happy to give you guys a review. I was definitely reluctant to start as it seemed to good to be true.  Was a somewhat slow start but I was able to see all thework being done.  Leads did start coming in and they were live which surprised be.  People were not shopping around nearly as much as Home advisor where if you don't call within 2 minutes you lose the deal.  Got my first job 2 weeks after starting.  Once I paid you the commission the leads started doubling then tripling after each time I paid a commission.  Wss no risk for me, works great, love the business model, would recommend to anyone,except my competitors!!!!



Retro Restoration

Cinci OH


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