Take advantage of the most comprehensive marketing program online today.

Our campaigns would cost you thousands per month if you paid upfront!

Step 1:

Advant360 will create professional landing pages for every town and every service/keyword you provide.  For example:  If you service 100 local towns and Captivate comes up with 100 keywords for your business then you will have 10,000 landing pages on Google.  Each landing page will have your logo and a 1-800 number that forwards to you. Captivate stores all leads you attain in a dashboard to be updated.

Sample Site:

Step 2:

Advant360 has partnered with the leading online local directories to provide you with local exposure like you have never had before!  We manage and increase your exposure and links every time we receive a commission.




Step 3:


Advant360 will create a custom video for every town you service.  Videos receive top ranking in search engines and mobile device.  You will see hundreds of videos up for your business!





Step 4:


Social Media!  Let Advant360 send monthly posts to over 6,000 existing Facebook, Twitter and other Social media Accounts!  We will also create separate accounts for your business!



Step 5:


Visual Displays, digital Magazines, online publications are used to showcase your work or services. These indexable works are posted on social media site, and always rank very well on all search engines.


example:  CLICK HERE



Step 6:


Once Advant360 starts receiving commissions from you will we be able to establish a budget.  We will then create Pay Per Click and Pay Per Call campaigns to increase leads on a monthly basis.  Advant360 will increase our budget and your leads every month according to your conversion rates.